Saturday, 8 April 2017


'In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.'

I'm not sure if you guys know but the ocean is my happy place. When I was growing up we lived 5 minutes from the beach and whenever I got angry or sad, (i was an angry teen) I would walk to the sea side, sit on the sand and the waves would make me feel at peace. 

Now that I've moved away from the water I miss it more than anything. So, this christmas David booked a trip to Cornwall as a present and I couldn't have been happier. Luckily he loves the beach as much as me and will go surfing even when its as flat as a pancake. 


On Saturday morning we made the 5 hour drive down to Perranporth. It was a little rainy and pretty grey but as we pulled up to our air bnb, which was practically on the waters edge, I had this weird feeling that everything was familiar. I thought maybe it was just because the ocean made me feel at home but something definitely felt strange. 

After we'd had a quick coffee at our AirBnb we made our way down to the water and walked around the little town. My favourite thing about the beach, and this one in particular, is that it was FULL of dog walkers. We couldn't stop laughing at all of the dogs running round and chasing each other. Strangers were stood talking to each other as lifeguards patrolled the beach. It was perfect. 

After a nice walk on the beach, it was time for food. I dont know about you but i bloody love fish and chips. I hardly have it because it makes me feel like butt afterwards but you can't not have it at the beach. I would have taken a picture but it went straight in our bellies bc food and priorities. 

That evening we did something we've never really done in the two years of being together. We watched saturday night tv wrapped up in our duvet and it was THE BEST! We don't have a TV at our house so watching Ant & Dec's Saturday night take over was pretty dreamy tbh. It made me feel like i was 15 again waiting for The Xfactor to start. 


This whole entire day was pretty much spent laying on the beach and I wouldnt have changed it for the world. All david wanted to do was surf - I was dying with jealousy BUT for the past few weeks i've been so dizzy and going under water didn't seem like the best idea. The best part of it all was that David was like an excited kid walking out to the ocean in his wetsuit :)

While he was out there I spoke to my mum on the phone and after telling her we were in Perranporth she said 'We used to go there all the time with you when you were a toddler' and then i pretty much lost my mind and self combusted. Now it all made sense why everything felt familiar!! I had been there before!! I still find it weird when I'm typing this that i felt these memories but couldn't remember them. Im not even sure if that makes sense but i think its the craziest thing that I knew I'd been there when it would have been about 20 years ago. I must have so many memories stored up in my brain of that exact place but I just can't access them. That tripped me out for the whole day haha! 


Monday morning came round way too fast. We checked out of our airbnb, and started our journey home. It may have just been two days but it felt like just the break we needed. Now I can't wait for the next one. 

Don't forget to check out our vlogs from the trip and we'll chat to you soon. 

Ebony & David 



Friday, 7 April 2017


probs not but hi. 

Here's the thing. I like blogs, I think they're really cool. I also like writing things, it's pretty fun. So last year when I started this blog, I freeeking loved it.... Butttt here's the other thing. I'm a lazy lazy bum. Like I could spend a good 5 hours just watching tv, even when i have tons of work to do. It's not that I don't want to do something, its just that i'm not the most productive human. Plus, Keeping up With The Kardashians is strangely addictive???

Any way. 

I feel like i have so much to talk about and share and looking back on the blogs I wrote last year makes me remember how much I loved making them... so, here I am, typing out a post and I'm pretty darn excited about it.

But thats not all.... 

Not only am I going to be posting again, but so is David! It was actually his idea to start all of this up again and that makes me really happy. We just feel like we do so much stuff that could be written about, from wedding planning, to babies, to much simpler (and less stressful) things like our favourite places to go on a sunny day or photos from a trip we've taken.

So I guess this one is just me saying hi. 
David would say hi too but he's out getting food bc i'm ill and have demanded chocolate. (dairy free of course)

Love you guys and I can't wait to get posting again. 

Ebony & David 

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Saturday, 5 March 2016


Passage Peak is high up. My legs hurt. The end. 

My dad has lived in Sydney for the past 4 years so whenever I'd visit I tented to stick around that area BUT this year he moved to Melbourne, as well as this I somehow managed to get a boyfriend?? (I'm not sure how that happened, I am gross) So on this trip instead of staying in Melbourne for 3 weeks my boyfriend and I decided to visit a bunch of places during our trip, Hamilton Island being one of them. 

Now, Im all for sitting on the beach and getting a tan, which Hamilton Island is PERFECT for by the way. But everyday when I sat looking out at the sea I kept seeing this massive hill to the right of me. Normally when i see a big hill I'm like 'wow cool thats a big hill', sometimes I might even take a picture of it but then I'm done and it leaves my thoughts forever. But this hill was so bloody massive that all I could think was 'wow cool, thats a big hill. i'm going to climb that big hill' and once that thought was in my brain there was no stopping it, so we put on our trainers, grabbed some water (and some sweeties) and got on our way. 

The next hour or so is a bit of a blur, mostly because it was 35 degrees, sweaty and well, there was just too many steps for my puny little stick legs to manage. 

About an hour and a bit into our hike David and I reached this really cool view point. It looked over Hamilton Island and really was quite beautiful. If the hike ended there I would have been happy. We rested there for a little while and soaked in the view before continuing, because to our surprise this was not in fact the top!

After about 30 minutes more and a wholeeeeeee load of steps we made it to the top and oh my gosh. What a view!! The heat, leg ache (and an embarrassing fart incident) was more that worth it. From the top of Passage Peak you can see for miles and miles all around you. In the distance you see Whitehaven beach and a bunch of epic little islands dotted around the ocean. 

All I can say is Passage Peak is a massive hill worth hiking. In the whole 3 hours walking from top to bottom we didn't see a single person, a wallaby, but not one human being. The views were breath taking and worth every second and I would do it again one thousand times over if I had the chance. 

Thanks for reading! 

Lots of Love, 
Ebony x

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Saturday, 9 January 2016


Hiiiii from sunny Australia! I come bearing gifts... sort of... If you can count an amazing discount as a gift? 


At the beginning of last year I stumbled across Daniel Wellington watches on Instagram. I'd been looking for a watch just like theirs for sooooo long but never been able to find the sort of strap I liked. I literally had looked everywhere!! So when I saw the exact style I've been searching for on Daniel Wellingtons instagram I ordered one right away. What I didn't realise is that once you get one DW watch you want them all.

After falling in love with my first watch I may have accidentally bought a couple more to add to my collection. And by a couple I mean 4, which is ironic seeing as though I can't actually tell the time (we'll get to that another day) (I'm not very clever) (okay moving on).

Before christmas I had a little browse on DW because I thought David might like a watch for christmas. After looking for a while I decided to go ahead and get a brown strapped, rose gold watch. What I really love is that they gift wrapped it in this pretty box. It added such a nice little touch and makes it feel extra special, especially at christmas time! This particular watch is the 'Mens Classic St Mawes 40mm' in Rose Gold.

Whilst I was getting Davids watch I somehow convinced myself that I deserved a new watch too (whoops). So I went ahead and got myself the 'Womens Classic Sheffield 36mm' in Rose Gold and sdfhklsjdhfklsjdfhsjkdfh it is a dream. I already had a brown strapped DW so this time I chose a black strap and a bigger face than I'm used to wearing but Im super happy with the choice and I wear it every day without fail. 

Now for the bit you've all been wanting to hear, the lovely people at Daniel Wellington have given me a discount code so that you can all get 15% off anything in store. Just use the code ebonyday1 at the checkout to receive 15% off your purchase. This discount code will only be available up until the 15th of January so hurry your little butt up and treat yourself!

Thats all for today. Hope you're all having a good one and its not too cold and rainy. I'm currently sat on a beach drinking from a coconut ;) okay bye now.

Lots of Love
Ebony x 



Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Exploring Bangkok

If you guys are subscribed to my Vlog channel you'll probably know by now that I'm currently traveling Thailand and having the experience of a lifetime. You may not however know why I am here. So, heres a quick back story. But first subscribe to my vlog channel by clicking here ;)


A company called RealGap sent me and a film crew (Reload Sessions) on a 10 day Bangkok to Beaches tour to film, explore and discover Thailand and all of its beauty. This is a trip myself, Reload Sessions and Real Gap have been planning for over 7 months so seeing all of our ideas come together is an incredibly rewarding feeling and I cannot wait to show you what we've been making and producing out here. 

But before the videos are released I'd like to share with you some pictures from our first stop, Bangkok.


On this particular trip we had 3 days to explore and film in Bangkok. When hearing about the city I was most excited to see the temples and learn about Buddhism. You guys may not know this but for the past few months I've found a huge amount of peace by inputting Buddhist teachings into my life, so for me, visiting the temples was a very exciting experience. 

Usually I'm not too keen on going to the main tourist attractions as I always feel like you don't get to see the place in its truest form BUT walking around the most famous temples was too much of an opportunity to miss, so that is exactly what we did and I can honestly say I would have hugely regretted it if I didn't go. Sure, its busy, its hot, its sweaty but oh my god, there is nothing more breathtaking than being surrounded by golden temples and practising monks whilst drinking from a fresh coconut and hearing about the history of Thailand. If you are ever in Bangkok, I seriously advise you to visit at least one of the major temples while you are there. The temples you can see in the pictures below are;

Wat Arun
Wat Pho
The Grand Palace

As well as visiting the temples myself and Reload Sessions filmed a music video for my channel on the busiest street in Bangkok.... it was an experience!! There was so much going on around us that Josh (the camera guy) nearly got run over by a motorbike and continuously got shouted at by angry Thai ladies and I just had to continue singing my heart out pretending nothing was going on haha! It was definitely one of the most challenging covers I've done because it was all in one take and there was a million and one things going on (including a man trying to lift up my dress) BUT I am so so so happy with the final video!

You can check it out here -

Thats all for now. Thanks so much for reading! I'll be posting more about my travels in the next week or so!

I just want to say a massive thanks to Real Gap for sending us on this trip. If you're interested in traveling Thailand I definitely recommend their Bangkok to Beaches tour. I also want to thank Reload Sessions for putting up with me for 2 weeks and for helping me create these videos!

Lots of Love 
Ebony x


Sunday, 15 November 2015

Milan: Top Tips

When in Milan you MUST (must must must) visit the Duomo di Milano. Never heard of it? Nope neither had I!

I'll let you into a little secret - I love to travel BUT when going somewhere new I never find out what I should see or where I should go before arriving. Its not that I don't enjoy learning about the places I'm going, its just that I would much rather learn about my surroundings whilst they're actually surrounding me. There's something about knowing nothing about a place and then being thrown into the hustle and bustle of it that I LOVE. I guess I'm the type of person who just turns up, explores and learns whilst I'm there.

Usually when I travel I don't get much notice and this was no exception. Last month I got an email from MTV asking if I'd like to attend the EMA's. Of course I said yes and a couple of days later I landed in Milan with my suitcase and a camera. This trip was a quick one which didn't leave me much time to explore, however on Sunday morning before the EMA's I jumped in a taxi with a couple of my new friends and a guide book, kindly supplied by MTV. After a short time walking we stumbled across the Duomo. It is truly beautiful.... actually, beautiful doesn't even do this Cathedral justice.

What I loved about the Duomo was that for as little as 7 Euros you could walk the 250 steps to the very top. However if you don't want to walk, there is the option of taking the elevator which I believe was 12 Euros. From the top of the Cathedral you can see the most stunning panoramic view of Milan. It truly took my breath away. As I stood on what felt like the top of the world I thought to myself that this moment would be my favourite of the whole trip. If I didn't manage to see anything else during my trip then I wouldn't mind at all. The Duomo made my quick trip to Milan magical and I recommend it to anyone whose visiting, even if it is just for the day.

I definitely spent far too much time snapping pictures and soaking in the view, I could have stayed there for hours but soon enough it was time to head down the many steps and get back to the hotel so we could get dressed up for the EMAs. (The way down was a lottttttt easier than the way up haha!)

So, in conclusion, no matter whether you have a week, a month or a day in Milan just make sure you visit the Duomo di Milano, you will not regret it and thankfully, it won't break the bank.

Lots of Love
Ebony x 

P.s if you happen to walk past a little shop called GROM, go in and treat yourself to an ice cream/sorbet. You just walked 500 steps. Treat yourself, you deserve it. (Its also perfect for you if you have allergies. They have allergy lists on the wall and little symbols on all of the individual containers so you can see the ingredients. Eat in peace my little allergy friends.)

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Seriously, shoes are my best friend and I'm not even sad about it.

Shoes are so great aren't they. That moment when you open the box feels like opening the gates to heaven. Sometimes I open a box of shoes in slow motion just for added effect. Lol jk I throw off the lid and dive straight in. Whether its trainers, heels, boots, more trainers...more heels, it never gets old and if I had all of the money in all of the world I would buy all of the shoes and keep them in a pearly gated, shoe heaven wardrobe.

If you love shoes as much as me then great, I have a little treat for you! If you don't... you're probably a boy, in which case I don't think you're going to be as into these heels as I am and this post may not be very exciting. Soz.

So, I found a new shoe shop on Instagram (of course). Its called EGO and it is a dream. As soon as I scrolled through I was hooked and out came the bank card in all of its glory. 

I find it quite tricky to shop online for anything because I'm never really sure what size I am so, for my first order I decided it was safe to just buy one pair, see what they were like and then if I liked them I knew what size to get next time. I went ahead and ordered a pair of 'Callie Peep Toe Ankle Boots'. 

You guys know me, I'm all about 'all black everything' buttttt this time I thought I'd push the boat out and go for a Khaki colour. I know, pretty daring of me. 

When my shoes arrived I was SO FREEKING HAPPY.

Usually I wear pretty casual clothes and I never really feel like I'm 'dressed up' enough BUT I've found that wearing little heels like this can really smarten up an outfit and make casual look more presentable, at least thats what I've tried to tell myself haha. So at just £22 I think they are wonderful, they're so comfy and so cute and I will definitely be shopping at EGO again... I've already got my eye on some knee length boots.

If you guys want to buy anything from EGO then make sure you use the code 'EBONY10' to get 10% off your order. Take a look at their website ( and treat yourself to something nice. You deserve it!

Thanks for reading! Hope you're all having a lovely day.

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Lots of Love
Ebony x 

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